The Indonesian Online Market


Population 244,468,000 IMF-World Economic Outlook Database 2012
Internet population 37,648,000 World Bank 2012
Internet use 15.4%
Scale of online advertising market 40 million USD Jakarta Update 2011


  • The online advertising market in Indonesia will grow to 150 million USD by the year 2016 (Jakarta Update 2011).
  • The number of Facebook users in Indonesia in November 2012 was measured at 50,261,100. This placed Indonesia fourth in the world, behind only America (168,742,860), Brazil (62,240,840), and India (60,843,200) (Social Bakers).
  • Broadband use in Indonesia was measured at 6% in 2011. It is estimated that this figure will grow to 60% by the year 2016 (Frost & Sullivan).
  • 50% of Internet users in Indonesia are under 20 years old (We Are Social).

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The Taiwanese Online Market


Population 23,316,000 IMF-World Economic Outlook Database 2012
Internet population 17,530,000 Internet World Stats 2012
Internet use 75.4%
Scale of online advertising market 346 million USD IAMA


  • There is an 82% rate of Internet use among Taiwanese housewives (Institute for Information Industry).
  • The results of an investigation found that Taiwanese access the Internet mostly for news (29.9%), then entertainment (23.3%), consumption (14.4%), work-related issues (12.6%), travel (10.4%), and finally financial matters (10.1%) (RDEC).
  • The paid search market is valued at 3 billion TWD and is growing more than 15% a year. It comprises 30.1% of the online advertising market (IAMA).
  • Business-to-Consumer based e-commerce in Taiwan is worth 8.33 billion USD and is growing each year by 25% (China Economic News Service).
  • Apparel is the number one type of online purchase in Taiwan (The China Post).
  • 67% of Taiwanese Internet users refer to social media before making their online purchases. And, after they have made their purchases, 50% of them will use social media to express their opinion on the product or service they bought (FIND-III DoIT).
  • 4% of Taiwanese Internet users have their own Facebook account (Socialbakers).

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Multilingual SEM: How to Succeed / Fundamentals of Multilingual PPC Advertising

If you are thinking about starting a multilingual SEM campaign, you will need to prepare yourself much more than you would for any domestic marketing campaign you’ve done. Everything from technical SEM to the process of keyword selection and copywriting needs to be considered within the framework of the new country in which you will be marketing. In this chapter, I will go over the essential points to remember when conducting multilingual SEM so that you can start your venture off on the right path. Continue reading “Multilingual SEM: How to Succeed / Fundamentals of Multilingual PPC Advertising”