Social Listening in Japan

Social listening can help you understand what customers think of your brand so that you can work to truly provide what they want

Data-Backed Japanese Market Insight

Custom Reporting & Consulting

Direct Integration into Social Campaigns

Social listening – it's more than just a form of social monitoring

Social monitoring tracks the statistics of your company. How often is your company mentioned? Who is doing the talking? How does it compare to your competitors? Social listening takes it a step beyond that and listens to your customer's mood when they are discussing you. In particular, social listening can help you:

  • Understand not only what your customers think of you, but also of your competitors.
  • Target the pain points common in your industry, and address them.
  • Find out who in your industry has the most social sway, and reach out to them.


We can take you live in as short as 10 business days. The general process until launch consist of the following 6 steps:

  • 1Hearing Session
  • 2Strategy Development
  • 3Account Setup
  • 4Launch
  • 5Data Gathering & Analysis
  • 6Reporting, Consulting (& Campaign Integration)

Project Management Structure

In order to provide the best support possible, our teams are led by bilingual digital marketers who provide direct consulting on our clients' Japanese social listening campaigns in English. This ensures that communication with clients and our in-house operations team is quick and accurate.