Social Media Strategy Planning for Japan and Asia

At Info Cubic, we serve as your dedicated social media manager, crafting and analyzing strategic plans for platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter). We ensure your message is effectively conveyed across Japan and Asia through effective social media management.

Extensive Experience in Global Social Media Support

Support Across Multiple Social Media Platforms

Comprehensive Solutions for Additional Digital Strategies

From Comprehensive Social Media Strategy Development to Daily Posting and Crisis Management

The role of global social media accounts, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, can vary greatly depending on their positioning. Starting without a clear purpose can result in losing sight of your objectives. At Info Cubic, we establish clear goals for your social media projects and define KPIs to measure success before initiating social media activities. We define the target user persona and collaborate with you to refine the message you want to deliver. Based on the social media strategy, we provide daily management from the most optimal perspectives.

Social Media Account Policy Planning

For effective global social media management, it's crucial to address the "Why," "Who," "What" (message), and "Where" (platforms) right from the start. Leveraging our extensive experience and proven track record, we guide you in establishing a proper channel strategy for your company.


Social Media Guidelines Development

In corporate social media and social media communications, post frequency, comment management, photo selection, and dialogue quality should be addressed to more than just the local staff. Social media guidelines are essential for aligning communication strategies between headquarters and regional offices, preventing personalized management by individual staff, and maintaining quality. We assist in creating comprehensive guidelines tailored for global social media operations.


Competitive Analysis & Digital Activity Reporting

The corporate social media marketing landscape, including platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, is highly dynamic. Do you know your competitors' digital marketing and social media strategies? A thorough understanding of other companies' digital marketing activities and actual data is crucial for crafting an effective global social media strategy and planning actionable social media initiatives.



Info Cubic's social media consultants will utilize your official social media channels to achieve your marketing goals and budget, assess the overseas market situation, and conduct competitor analysis. We will provide support by developing a comprehensive global social media management strategy from scratch, driving the essential PDCA cycle to meet your goals.

  • 1In-depth interview on objectives, target countries, target audience, and KPIs
  • 2Proposal of a social media management strategy
  • 3Development of a detailed project roadmap
  • 4Production of outputs such as guidelines, playbooks, and competitive analyses
  • 5Delivery of the final version