Message from the President

Maho Umekawa

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our environment, transforming what was once normal. In this new reality, the importance of digital engagement for businesses to communicate their various activities has grown significantly, leading to major changes in the business landscape.

At Info Cubic Japan, we have returned to our core mission of connecting the world through internet marketing. We are strengthening our service operations to meet the ever-changing expectations of our clients in the digital marketing field.

We are committed to evolving from simply providing functional services to becoming a professional strategy team that offers solutions utilizing various digital marketing techniques. To achieve this, we are focusing on building our organizational structure, hiring, and developing our talent.

Moving forward, we aim to grow as a company that adapts quickly and flexibly, working sincerely with our clients and contributing to society alongside our dedicated employees.

We deeply appreciate your continued support and guidance.

October 1, 2021
Maho Umekawa
Infocubic Japan Co., Ltd.