LinkedIn Marketing for Japan and Asia

Utilizing LinkedIn presents advantages for targeting Japan and Asia. LinkedIn has a relatively low usage in these regions, providing an opportunity to tap into potential markets before competitors. For B2B companies progressing in digital marketing, LinkedIn is an essential digital channel for Japanese and Asian market.

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Are you new to the business cultures of Japan and Asia and wondering where to start?

Considering LinkedIn marketing to enhance brand awareness and sales but unsure about LinkedIn specifics, lack social media expertise, or don't know where to start? Our digital marketing experts will resolve these issues. We offer a one-stop service for strategy development, operation, ad distribution, and reporting in Japan and Asia, considering the cultural risks and latest trends on LinkedIn.

Info Cubic's Five-Stage LinkedIn Marketing Steps

Info Cubic's
Five-Stage LinkedIn Marketing Steps

  • 1Planning

    We start by setting specific LinkedIn strategy goals, KPIs, and content strategies aligned with your marketing objectives (branding, PR, lead generation, etc.).

  • 2Account Setup

    We handle account setup and design in the languages used by your target audience.

  • 3Content Creation and Account Management

    After setting up the account, we design, produce, and post social media content tailored to your products, services, or corporate social responsibility and recruitment information, initiating account operations.

  • 4Data Analysis

    We propose precise operational improvements by quantitatively analyzing the strategies based on user reactions and trends to LinkedIn content.

  • 5Ad Management

    We support brand recognition and lead acquisition by operating LinkedIn ads such as Direct InMail and Dynamic Ads, in addition to organic posts.

Setting LinkedIn Account Strategy & Policies

For Achieving Effective Social Media Marketing
Setting LinkedIn Account Strategy & Policies

To effectively operate LinkedIn, it is necessary first to clarify "why you use LinkedIn", "who it's for", and "what message you want to deliver". Based on our experience and competitive analysis, Info Cubic plans and sets strategies your LinkedIn activities.

LinkedIn Account Management

For Supporting Stable Operation
LinkedIn Account Management

Supporting stable operation, we address your concerns about insufficient in-house resources or lack of LinkedIn expertise by delivering your brand messages and stories to Japan and Asia. Our experienced staff support various tasks necessary for LinkedIn page operation, including comment checks, reply handling, and crisis management, ensuring stable LinkedIn marketing operation.

LinkedIn Advertising Management

For Targeting Users with Precision
LinkedIn Advertising Management

Target ads directly at users by leveraging LinkedIn's digital advertising, which allows targeting based on actual company names, business sizes, and industries to which users belong.

For Example

For companies targeting inquiries from Japanese and Asian businesses that need their products, combining LinkedIn with search engines for ad distribution is effective. SEM can target the "explicit needs" layer, where user needs are clear, by posting ads that align with users' active information-seeking (search) behavior. On the other hand, since there are limits to search volumes, effectively reaching users by focusing on their personal business information through LinkedIn ads can achieve high cost-effectiveness by minimizing target user leakage.

LinkedIn Report

Reviewing strategies and guiding the next steps
LinkedIn Report

We regularly perform reporting to support swift strategic decisions in your LinkedIn strategies. Our dedicated social media consultants share insights such as user interest trends, popular content extraction, and trends in target countries based on data collected from daily LinkedIn advertising and account operations. Together with the client, we discuss the optimal LinkedIn plan, quickly implement it, and verify its effectiveness repeatedly.

1. Analyze user reactions

2. Suggest points for strategy improvement

3. Share the latest trends

4. Achieve results through a fast PDCA cycle