Digital Advertising for Japan and Asia

We offer comprehensive services from content creation to ad management for all types of internet advertising, including search engines, social media, and apps. We target audiences in Japan and Asia, utilizing language and regional targeting to reach your desired audiences accurately.

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Starting your advertising in Japan and Asia but unsure where to begin?

At Info Cubic, our diverse team of Japanese and multinational experts provides a one-stop service for every aspect of your overseas digital advertising needs. We start by proposing the most effective digital media for your goal, create ad content tailored to the target country's language, culture, and media characteristics, and then aim to enhance results through data-driven A/B testing.

Advertisement Strategy Formulation

We listen to your digital advertising goals, consider the digital media share rate, usage trends, and advertising specifications in the target country, and propose the most effective digital advertising strategy. Additionally, we offer strategic adjustments based on delivery data results.

Advertisement Strategy Formulation

Example of Digital Advertising Strategy

For goals such as acquiring inquiries from B2B companies, it is crucial to target users in the "loyal" and "active" stages of the customer journey. Utilizing Google Ads is effective in this case, as it is tailored to match user search intent. For niche products with low search volume, consider implementing remarketing ads to re-engage past website visitors and LinkedIn ads to target specific business demographics. By integrating diverse ad platforms and strategies, we aim to mitigate customer attrition and acquire inquiries from potential international clients.

Example of Digital Advertising Strategy


We can deliver targeted digital advertising campaigns for Japan and Asia at a minimum of two weeks from the initial inquiry. Following launch, our team of dedicated digital advertising consultants provides daily management support, including bid adjustments based on clicks and impressions to maximize return on investment (ROI).

  • 1Hearing Session
  • 2Proposal Development
  • 3Account Setup
  • 4Content Creation
  • 5Account Review
  • 6Campaign Launch