Baidu Advertising for China

Info Cubic’s Five-Step Baidu Advertising Process

Info Cubic’s
Five-Step Baidu Advertising Process

  • 1Planning

    We initially set specific goals and KPIs for Baidu advertising tailored to your Chinese marketing objectives and strategies.

  • 2Ad Simulation

    We provide simulations tailored to your objectives and budget, helping you make informed investment decisions regarding your projects.

  • 3Ad Account Setup

    After setting up the ad account, our Chinese advertising consultants will set up ad keywords and copies according to the habits and culture of Chinese users (support available for Chinese website and LP, banner creation).

  • 4Launch and Management

    We manage daily bidding based on keyword clicks and impressions to maximize cost-effectiveness.

  • 5Reporting and Improving

    After analyzing the ad operation results, a bilingual project manager will report to you to suggest and implement precise improvement strategies for future operations.

Proposing and Implementing Accurate Baidu Advertising Strategies for Chinese Target Users

At Info Cubic, we ensure effective ad delivery to your Chinese business targets by having Chinese native speakers, who are well-versed in the web circumstances of China, propose and support advertising strategies in consideration of Chinese internet trends. We also support various types of advertising on Baidu, including SEM, display ads, and in-feed ads.

Baidu Ad Example
Baidu Reporting

Rapid Chinese Digital Marketing Strategy Decisions with Baidu advertising reporting

Info Cubic regularly performs reporting to support quick strategic decisions in your Chinese marketing needs. Our dedicated Chinese native speakers and bilingual project manager collect data from daily Baidu ad operations and share notable insights such as digital trends in China. Together, we discuss and formulate the best Baidu advertising strategies with you, quickly implementing and verifying their effectiveness.

1. Share ad operation results and analysis.

2. Propose improvement points for strategies.

3. Share the status of digital trends in China.

4. Plan and execute Baidu advertising strategies.