Social Media Content Creation for Japan and Asia

We listen to the information you want to convey to users in Japan and Asia and create social media content tailored to your needs. Info Cubic supports your global social media marketing, overcoming challenges such as a lack of understanding of target countries and insufficient resources.

Content Written by Native Speakers

Content Planning According to Your Brand

Customized Content Creation Tailored to Your Target Audience

Comprehensive Support from Strategy Planning to Daily Posts and Risk Management

The role of each social media account can vary significantly based on its positioning, and without a clear definition, its purpose can be lost. At Info Cubic, we establish specific objectives and KPIs for your international social media projects. We prepare for execution only after collaboratively refining the target user profile and message strategy with you. We support your daily operations from an optimal perspective, guided by a well-defined social media policy.


Based on a mid- to long-term social media operation roadmap, we establish specific goals for your social media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. We develop a unique social media account optimized for attracting potential overseas customers by continuously creating, posting, and measuring social media content effectiveness.

  • 1Hearing session (identifying your needs and conducting research)
  • 2Specification and designing of overseas social media content
  • 3Content creation by native speakers
  • 4Posting social media content
  • 5Analyzing engagement metrics
  • 6Providing reports and improvement suggestions
  • 7Reviewing and monitoring posted content