Social Media Management for Japan and Asia

Amplify your brand's voice across major platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and X (formerly Twitter) with our specialized social media management services for Japan and Asia. We address challenges such as limited social media resources, lack of global social media expertise, and the need for multilingual staff. Our team acts as your social media administrators, effectively conveying your brand message and story to a global audience and fostering sustained global branding.

Extensive Global Social Media Support Experience

Support Across Numerous Social Media Platforms

One-Stop Solutions for Additional Digital Strategies

Comprehensive Support from Strategy Planning to Daily Posts and Risk Management

The role of each social media account can vary significantly based on its positioning, and without a clear definition, its purpose can be lost. At Info Cubic, we establish specific objectives and KPIs for your international social media projects. We prepare for execution only after collaboratively refining the target user profile and message strategy with you. We support your daily operations from an optimal perspective, guided by a well-defined social media policy.

Social Media Account Management

Stay ahead with our social media management services. We ensure smooth and stable account operations by staying updated with the latest platform news and trends. Our experienced team handles all essential tasks, including comment monitoring, responses, and risk management, to maintain robust international social media marketing operations.


Social Media Operations Analysis and Reporting

Are you managing social media but uncertain about its effectiveness or how to implement the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle? Info Cubic offers quantitative analysis of your social media operations, identifying current issues and recommending proactive improvements.


Social Media Guidelines Creation

Are your corporate social media and communication strategies reliant on local staff overseas? Establishing robust social media guidelines is essential for aligning communication strategies between headquarters and international branches, ensuring consistency and quality in all communications.



Our social media management services can start within a month of your application. A dedicated, multicultural team of social media consultants will manage weekly content posts, comment management, and crisis control. They will work closely with you to share their expertise and refine your international social media management approach.

  • 1Hearing sessions (media selection, operational guideline proposals)
  • 2Setting the tone and themes of content
  • 3Creating target-audience-specific creative proposals
  • 4Posting and account management
  • 5Regular operational reporting