The Cosmetics Industry in Asia: A Comparison of the Hair Care Product Market per Country

Cosmetics sales in Asia are on the rise

In recent years, exported Japanese cosmetics sales have continued to increase, and in 2016, it exceeded that of imports to Japan for the very first time. Japanese cosmetics are highly popular in Asia (the region accounts for roughly 90% of Japanese exports) and many domestic manufacturers, such as Shiseido, have been increasing production to meet demand. For that reason, we will be talking about the cosmetic industry in Asia, covering such topics as the demand for hair care products and the present state of exports and imports of cosmetics to and from major countries in Asia. We hope some of our info below will help you understand the market better and formulate your own marketing strategies for cosmetics in the region.

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The Singaporean Online Market


Population 5,405,000 IMF-World Economic Outlook Database 2012
Internet population 3,650,000 Internet World Stats 2012
Internet use 67.5%
Scale of online advertising market S$135.91 (107 million USD) Interactive Advertising Bureau 2011


  • Approximately 62% of the Singapore population is on Facebook (Socialbakers).
  • Among Singapore’s Internet population, 80% of users utilize Facebook (Socialbakers).
  • The size of Singapore’s 2010 online shopping market was 1.1 billion SGD, and it has been estimated that it will quadruple by 2015 (PayPal 2011).
  • In 2011, Singapore’s total number of online searches per month reached approximately 300 million. Compared to 2010, that is a 43% increase (comScore 2011).
  • The number of broadband circuits in 2011 reached 9.22 million, 7.9 million of which were high speed wireless Internet networks (IDA).
  • Singaporeans spend an average of 25 hours per week on the Internet (Nielsen).

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