The Hong Kong Online Market


Population 7,173,000 IMF-World Economic Outlook Database 2012
Internet population 5,329,000 2012
Internet use 74.2%
Scale of online advertising market 91 million USD SMB World Asia Edition


  • HK$1.86 billion was used in advertising for Chinese New Year in 2012 (online and offline). This is 6.7% of the cumulative average yearly expenditure (Asia Media Journal).
  • According to a 2011 Google study, 78% of smartphone users saw ads and clicked on them. (Publicitas).
  • The online retail market in 2011 was 1.9 billion USD, and it has been estimated that it will grow to 2.5 billion USD by 2015 (PayPal/Enterprise Innovation).
  • 37% of the population banks online (Nielsen).
  • For the population of Hong Kong, mobile phones have a 225.5% penetration rate (Office of the Communications Authority 2012).

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