Landing Page Creation

Tokyo Sushi Academy

Case Summary


"After receiving an inquiry over the web, we invited Info Cubic to a seminar organized by our company which featured Google, among others. The substantial information provided at the seminar helped us build trust and ultimately led to a contract with Info Cubic Japan."


For the multi-lingual landing page creation, we put our foreign native speaking staff on the project, we had staff in charge of SEO, web designers, a creative team, and a translation team who created text to strike a chord with native speakers. Finally we had all of the native staff in the company providing support. In addition, we placed placed PPC ads that directed users to the landing page.


In the first quarter, immediately after the multi-lingual landing page was released to the public, the number of prospective clients rose to about 1.5 times to that of the previous quarter. After that the numbers kept gradually rising.