How to Win the Hearts and Trust of Korean Consumers

South Korea is the 4th largest economy in Asia and the 10th largest in the world. The country boasts powerful industries in mobile, automotive, beauty, fashion, entertainment, and technology as a result of its substantial workforce that has usually put career over family. In the past, the average worker in Korea worked around 70 hours a week. However, to achieve a better work-life balance and change the Korean working culture, the national government lowered the maximum working hours to 52 hours. Consequently, Korean consumers now have more time to spend their disposable income.

In addition, South Korea is also recognized as the trendsetter for Asia. As such, the country holds a lot of potential for international brands who wish to penetrate the Asian market. If a brand is successful in the Korean market, it is most likely to succeed across the continent.

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Naver Blog Guide

Since its debut in 1999, Naver has remained as the number one online platform in South Korea, with over a 75% foothold on the country’s search engine market. It’s the first in the world to introduce the comprehensive search service, which has expanded to include different segments such as news, blogs, and even a Q&A database. Naver also pioneered user-generated content, allowing users to browse a variety of rich media content tailored to their interests. As such, Naver is not just a web portal, but a social search engine that helps users easily find more relevant results to their searches.

Naver’s services have seen equal success with the South Korean market, such as Naver Blog, one of the most important digital platforms in the country right now. With its own segment on the Naver search engine, South Korean users flock to this page for online travel research, product reviews, food culture, and so much more. Additionally, thousands of influencers are on the service, thus, it is an important platform for influencer marketing strategies. Thus, businesses looking to penetrate the market must create their business plans around the unique role of Naver Blog among their audiences.

This article will discuss Naver Blog, one of Naver’s main services, its basic functions, and features, how to open an account, and examples of brands utilizing the service.

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Korean Influencer Marketing

One of the biggest marketing trends in this age of digitalization rides on the prevalence of social media influencers. Thanks to the accessibility of social media, these influencers are not only exclusive to celebrities. With the right content and audience, literally anyone can have a huge, loyal fanbase with just as much influence as a Hollywood celebrity – and maybe even more.

As people become accustomed to the use of technology in their daily lives, they also become more particular with the products and services they want. Additionally, the constant influx of online content further shortens their attention spans. Brands must now take on the challenge of creating content that stands out and communicates on a personal level with their target audience. With the right social media influencer, brands can effectively deliver the value of their campaigns and achieve fantastic results.

In South Korea, businesses have quickly integrated this trend into their social media campaigns. The country places third for the largest social media penetration rate in the world at 87%. With the younger generation spending more time on social media platforms, the Korean online landscape can definitely offer vital insights into the unique function and power of influencer marketing.

This article will discuss the status of influencer marketing in Korea, particularly its most popular social media platforms and influencers, and ways on how to reach them.

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