I think I made a right decision
to work among Info Cubic Japan.
デジタルマーケティングチーム コンサルタント A.G

Why did you decide to work in Japan?

I spent a long time in England (born and raised), and I needed a change. I was looking for something different.


What made you want to work for Infocubic?

The global outlook and the international working environment. Also, the personalities here.

What do you do at Infocubic?

Managing clients’ accounts, optimizing clients’ search engine marketing accounts, creating ads, keywords, proposals, running promotions. I am still learning.

How do you like your team?

It’s a great team, we all get along very well. I feel very lucky to have such personable, friendly people in my team (which is not always the case in other places of work).
I remember meeting some of them at my job interview, and they seemed like nice people.

What kind of project would you like to be involved in the future?

I would like to participate in projects which I could make use of my programming skills, merge the worlds of global marketing and my programming background.
I have made some software to create URLs for some projects here, and would like do more of that in my capacity.

Do you have a dream or a goal that you would like to accomplish?

My goal at Infocubic is to learn a lot about business and how it works especially from the marketing standpoint. I would like to start my own company someday in the future, and this company gives me a good learning experience.
My personal goal is to start taking flight lessons again.

Any messages to people living in the U.K. that are willing to work in Japan?

Do not believe everything you hear, the horror stories of overworking and cultural overtime. They are not necessarily true. If you really want to come and experience a different way of life, I recommend Japan. I’m sure you can find a company that fits your working style.




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