Ways to work without sacrificing time with your children.
Part-time version


There are many moms who work part-time at Info Cubic.
We asked these lively women, who have become indispensable for our company
why they chose to work at Info Cubic when they are so busy at home, and what they like about working at Info Cubic.

QUESTION01What made you want to work at Info Cubic?

Nemoto: This was the first time I had looked for a job since my child was born, and in order to "spend time with my child," I needed a position that would let me leave by 3:00pm. I also liked the fact that I could utilize my English skills.

Matsubara: In addition to being able to take care of my child, this company makes accommodations for other family matters, as well as also offering opportunities for me to take on new challenges.

Amy: For me, it was the flexible work hours, and the fact that I could make use of what I learned in school.

Arisa: Being able to work part-time was appealing, but I also wanted to work at an aspiring "100 year-old global company."


QUESTION02What is the reason you can keep working at Info Cubic?

Matsubara: The biggest reason is that it is accommodating towards sudden illness, school events, and other family matters. Also, it is easy to take paid vacations, and being able to leave early and having the option to work at home is very helpful.

Nemoto: Yes, it is nice that my colleagues do not frown upon me having to leave early or take off, when my child suddenly falls ill. Also, being given important jobs makes me think that "people trust me, and need me," and it helps to motivate me.

Ito: True. Being able to work and take care of the family without having to over-extend myself is definitely one of the reasons. Moms are working together by helping each other, which lets me call in when I have to suddenly take a day off without feeling guilty, and this definitely creates a sense of comfort.

Amy: I'm a foreigner. Everyone here is kind and my boss is very open, which makes it a great place to work, not only for Japanese people but foreigners as well.


Info Cubic supports working moms.

CASE01Choose your own work hours!


"I want to work between 10 and 3, when my kids are at school!" "I want to work in the afternoon, between 1 and 6 pm.!" As long as you can work 4-5 hours a day, work hours are generally flexible.

CASE02Your child needs to be picked up for unexpected illness!
Unscheduled school closing!


If you have to take off due to unforeseeable circumstances, you can manage your work with help from your colleagues. You are free to work at home if needed. You will be compensated for the work you do at home.

CASE03Parent conference in the afternoon!
What should I do about my work in the afternoon…


You have a parent-teacher conference at 1:00pm. You can work for 2 hours in the morning, but the trip to and from the office takes 2 hours… In such cases, let your boss know ahead of time to arrange to work at home.

QUESTION03What do you like about working at Info Cube?

Matsubara: In terms of the actual work, I appreciate the fact that I am given important tasks even though I only work part-time, and I enjoy being able to constantly learn new things.

Arisa: Me too. I can always learn new things!

Nemoto: True. I like that I am given more work if I want it. I also enjoy being a staff member, as a part of the ever growing Info Cubic team.

Ito: I think it is nice that the CEO occasionally brings snacks (haha). I also like that when something funny happens in the office, we can all laugh about it together.

Amy: I like that there is a café area, a space to relax and a place to work while standing, such that I can choose my work style based on the situation.

Matsubara: Also, the staff at Info Cubic are multi-national. As the office is located in Higashi-Shinjuku, I can also experience various cultures through multi-cultural restaurants in the neighborhood. I think this is a rare setting (haha).

Nemoto: I am happy that with recent increase in foreign staff, there are more opportunities to use English in the office. Also, learning new apps and tools from younger staff is a plus.


QUESTION04What are your goals for the future?

Matsubara: I hope to keep working hard to give back to the colleagues who always help me out.

Arisa: I hope to use what I learned to make positive contributions to the company.

Amy: I currently work 10-3, but I hope to work full-time in the future.

Ito: I have my hands full with learning how to do my job now, but I hope to gain technical expertise to make positive contributions for the company.

Nemoto: I hope to form a group with part-time working moms and develop projects that can only be done by us. Once my kids become more independent, I hope to work full-time and contribute to the growth of the company.


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