Our Ideal Candidate

At Info Cubic, "a global point of view is more important than language ability or technical skills". Let's make a world-class company at at pace only found in the start-up company.

Info Cubic JapanCEO Rohan Yamagishi

3 elements of an ideal candidate

What does Info Cubic expect from an ideal candidate?

"Pioneer" A person who finds a new path and contributes to the world.
We are looking for someone who shares our corporate philosophy of “making contributions to the world,” who can rise above the self to do good for the world. Someone who will take risks while being considerate of others. Opportunities don't come to those who wait. We are looking for self-starters who will blaze new trails.
"Personality" A person who can rejoice in the success of others.
As Info Cubic staff, we put a lot of importance on the person's especially the humbleness. As is obvious, the knowledge and skills are essential to work, but we also place great emphasis in the character of a person who can feel joy in the success of others as their own. That's because when growing our business for our clients, for society and for the world, the humbleness to share their joy would be a big key. So we require a staff that will be considerate of others when working towards their goal.
"Flexibility" A person who has flexibility
I want to work with flexible team players who are ready to adapt whatever comes to their way.
Take a group or team manager for example. We want someone who can adapt to generational and environmental changes with honesty and humility, even when the company and staff have different opinions. We don't want someone who stubbornly sticks to one idea.

How do you envision Info Cubic in the future?

The word “Cubic” in our company name refers to a six-sided shape. We are currently based out of Japan and the United States. However, our long-term goal is to fill in the remaining four “sides” of our cube. Our business ideal is for any of our staff to develop new businesses. Personally, I don't see myself at the head of the company. I am looking for someone who can express our mission while serving the important role of connecting Japan with other countries though a web-based world. I want this person to lead the way.

How do you envision your employees growing in the future?

I would like my employees to become independent while being problem-conscious. Organizations and societies face a variety of problems. Because we are all interconnected, we all often have our own share in the causes of such problems. We can't always ask our partners to change, and so I would like my employees to be conscious of their own actions when problem-solving.


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