"Info Cubic wants the staff to work energetically"
Benefits at Info Cubic

Peak shift system

A system to allow you to take replacement off-days anytime within the month following a busy period at work that requires you to work on weekends.

Department exchange system

A system that allows you to try working in another department, with the approval of your boss.

Recreation center

You have access to ITS affiliated recreation centers throughout Japan.

Sports clubs/sports facilities

You have access to Konami Sports Club/Central Sports.

Book purchase system

A system for the company to purchase books for you upon request.

CC Club Company recreation

Company dinners, end-of-year parties, and other recreational events are held.

Anniversary vacation system

If you get married, you are allowed to take 5 days of vacation, when you want.

Celebrations and condolences system

A system to offer monetary gift for applicable events for staff and their families.

Physical assessment

Physical assessment conducted once a year. Health assessment is conducted at your convenient time.

Discounts for moving

If you choose to rent through the real estate agency affiliated with our company, you will receive discounts on your moving expenses including 50% off of the finder's fee.

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