Digital Marketing Team (Mid-Career for Professionals)

Job Type
Digital Marketing Consultant
Assigned Team
Digital Marketing Team
Posting Background
Due to the increase in major corporate display advertising for international audiences, we are recruiting to expand operations. We are looking for a new partner to engage with us as a Digital Marketing Consultant so that we can respond to the increased needs of our clients. We look forward to global-minded people to join our team.
Job Description
You will be entrusted with everything from the operation to proposal of display ads and advertorial reporting on Facebook, etc. In addition to sales and marketing skills, this position requires analytical thinking, problem-solving and project management skills, and initiative. Depending on performance, there will be numerous promotion opportunities early on to become a manager.
Application Qualifications

[Necessary Requirements]
▪ At least one year experience working in the web industry
▪ Basic PC skills (Excel, PowerPoint)

[Preferred skills]
▪ Basic understanding of search engine marketing (SEO, SEM)
▪ Experience with SEO measures
▪ Understanding of Internet advertising
▪ Ability to speak one language aside from Japanese, such as English, Chinese, Korean, etc.

[Ideal Candidate]
▪ Someone who will prioritize team goals when assigning duties
▪ Someone with an open-mind
▪ Someone who will share honest, constructive opinions
▪ Someone who will problem-solve from the client's perspective

[Career Plan]
We hold desire, ambition and aptitude in the highest regard; however, we are often prepared for the following career plan. Our corporate climate does not discriminate against age or background. We have entrusted business responsibilities to employees within a year of their joining the company.

What This Job Offers
All of our staff working in display advertising have Google AdWords certification. Also, we hold educational events almost every month which you will find stimulating and enlightening as they offer an opportunity to polish and improve your skills.
Employment Type
Full time Staff
Message from the Team Manager
We place an emphasis on individual growth. Global digital marketing is still a new industry and so this work does not have clear objectives. As a result, this department is home to many global-minded team members who are determined to offer problem-solving services for clients through data analysis and cooperation with international partners. Let us explore this industry together!
Office Location

Head Office / Takagi Building 3F, 1-1-7 Okubo Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

▪ A 4 minutes' walk from Higashi Shinjuku Station
▪ A 9 minutes' walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station
▪ A 11 minutes' walk from Shin Okubo Station

Working Hours
Flexible work arrangements (Core-time 9:00~14:00)
Salary will be determined according to company regulations. Due consideration will be given to experience, ability and previous salary.
Raises and Bonuses
1 raise per year
2 bonuses per year
Travel expenses (up to 25,000 yen per month)
Vacations and Holidays
Five-day work week (Saturdays and Sundays off)
Summer vacations (up to three days between July and September)
New Year's vacation
Annual paid vacation
Over 120 annual holidays
Full social insurance coverage

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