Client Relations Team (Mid-Career for Professionals)

Job Type
Corporate Sales
Assigned Team
Client Relations Team
Posting Background
We are expanding our company to accommodate increasing business with major clients. To this end, we are hiring outstanding sales personnel to support our customers and meet client needs. Candidates looking for a globally active position should apply.
Job Description
You will be working on creating multi-lingual websites and listing advertisements for clients looking to go abroad (inbound and outbound). We are looking for passionate and ambitious individuals, who can succeed in diverse tasks including providing effective planning and projecting proposals for the clients. If you achieve high success as a sales representative, you could very well be promoted to a manager position. In this position, you will be producing internet marketing strategies as the face of Info Cubic. Your mission is to gain client's trust, and lead the project to take its first step toward success.
Application Qualifications

[Necessary Requirements]
▪ Experience in corporate sales in internet business.
▪ Ability to prioritize achievement of team goals and appropriately delegate tasks.
▪ At least two year's experience working in the web industry

[Preferred skills]
▪ Basic understanding of search engine marketing (SEO, SEM)
▪ Interest and conversational skills in foreign languages such as English and Chinese.

[Ideal Candidate]
▪ A natural leader
▪ Someone who is progressive and optimistic
▪ Someone who will engage with foreign markets
▪ A natural learner who is always willing to improve
▪ Someone who will communicate with various staffs
▪ Someone who will actively learn new technical skills, such as Responsive Design

[Career Plan]
We hold desire, ambition and aptitude in the highest regard; however, we are often prepared for the following career plan. We will ask you to actively serve as a salesperson and build your achievements. Our corporate climate does not discriminate against age or background. We have entrusted business responsibilities to employees within a year of their joining the company.

What This Job Offers
In this position, you will gain globally-applicable communication skills through proposals, negotiations, and meetings for domestic and international matters in a variety of languages, both within and outside of the company. Moreover, you will learn to think logically through designing world-class marketing strategies, which will help you become a global personnel who will be highly sought after by many companies. There will be many opportunities to work with global markets by working with the clients. Through this experience, you can cultivate a new market and serve to connect Japan with the rest of the world. By doing business with a larger market, you can expand your point of view and build stronger human resources.
Employment Type
Full time Staff
Message from the Team Manager
Rapid globalization and the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics have made our company's international support a solution that mand. ould you like to take your experience and expertise in sales to the global stage? We aim to create a work environment where we can capitalize on the individuality of our employees.
Office Location

Head Office / Takagi Building 3F, 1-1-7 Okubo Shinjuku, Tokyo Japan

▪ A 4 minutes' walk from Higashi Shinjuku Station
▪ A 9 minutes' walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station
▪ A 11 minutes' walk from Shin Okubo Station

Working Hours
Flexible work arrangements (Core-time 9:00~14:00)
Salary will be determined according to company regulations. Due consideration will be given to experience, ability and previous salary.
Raises and Bonuses
1 raise per year
2 bonuses per year
Travel expenses (up to 25,000 yen per month)
Vacations and Holidays
Five-day work week (Saturdays and Sundays off)
Summer vacations (up to three days between July and September)
New Year's vacation
Annual paid vacation
Over 120 annual holidays
Full social insurance coverage

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