社員紹介:クロスボーダーチーム Riccardo


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checkmark 自己紹介/ Self-Introduction

I have been working in Info Cubic Japan for the last 3 years. I am originally Italian but have been living abroad most of my life. I had previous experience in media buying on Facebook and data analytics in my previous job. I enjoy the challenge of working in a new country and experience its culture.

checkmark 担当している業務 / What is your job at Info Cubic Japan?

I am the international project manager at Info Cubic Japan. I make sure that all international projects keep to their deadlines as well as assure the quality of the work we put forth. I interact with our clients on a daily basis and make sure that their requests are fulfilled by our teams to their expectations in a timely manner.

checkmark Info Cubic Japanの良い点、魅力 / What do you think is the good point or attracts you at Info Cubic Japan?

Info Cubic is a very international company. There are many nationalities represented in our office which allows us to help clients in different regions of APAC and beyond. This diversity is what really attracted me in the first place as it was a great chance to see how people from different backgrounds work together. Info Cubic also has an excellent learning environment, everyone is encouraged to ask questions and learn as much as possible from one another to be able to contribute to projects in a meaningful way.

checkmark プライベートの楽しみ / What do you usually do for fun?

In my free time I like to brush up of my programming skills and explore Tokyo.
I also enjoy finding quiet spots in parks where I can ride my skateboard which is quite a hard task in Tokyo! I also try to travel throughout Japan as much as possible to experience the many facets of Japanese culture.
Tokyo is a foodie’s paradise, I enjoy walking around Tokyo and finding great restaruants
and adding them to my extensive collection of Google maps bookmarks.


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これまでに1250社を超える日本企業様の海外進出などをご支援してきた中で、いただいたお客様の「生の声」を一つの冊子にまとめた事例集を無料でダウンロードいただけます。 B2B・B2C・インバウンド、多言語デジタル広告・SNS・ウェブサイト制作等、お客様ごとに異なる具体的なお客様の「課題や要望」、「施策・効果」などを一冊にまとめました。御社の海外マーケティングのヒントとして、ぜひ本資料をご活用下さい!




宇佐美 海太

宇佐美 海太 マーケティング部マネージャー

弊社の「デジタル x アナログマーケティング、コーポレートブランディング」を統括しています。東京生まれ、南欧育ち。ヨーロッパの生活で人生が劇的に変わりました。自分を育ててくれた"日本と世界"への感謝を胸に、「日本と世界をつなげること」が生涯のテーマです。趣味はプロレス鑑賞・料理です。