社員紹介:デジタルプロモーションチーム Carl


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checkmark 自己紹介/ Self-Introduction

My name is Carl and I am from the beautiful Gold Coast in Australia. I am a consultant in the Digital Promotion Team here at Info Cubic Japan. I came to Info Cubic Japan as an intern in January 2018 but soon after I was lucky enough to be made a full-time staff member.
I am a simple man, I enjoy a cold beer, good food, good company, and sport so I am lucky enough that those things are plentiful in Japan and that other co-worker enjoys them too! My weekends now are spent exploring the city and its surroundings, playing in my hockey team or just relaxing with friends but in the winter, you can catch me on the slopes as I power through on my snowboard.

checkmark 担当している業務/ What is your job at Info Cubic Japan?

I am a consultant in the digital promotion team so I mainly work with our global clients and partner agencies to create and manage their digital marketing campaigns in Japan. The campaigns that I manage utilize a number of different media types such as Search, Display, Social and SEO.
The thing I enjoy most about my job is the fact that I get to work with people from all around the world. I am able to get an insight into the different ways people in New York, Singapore, Israel and even back home on the Gold Coast work.

checkmark Info Cubic Japanの良い点、魅力/ What do you think is the good point or attracts you at Info Cubic Japan?

The people. Being a global company, you get to meet people with all different backgrounds and stories to tell. Everyone here is very friendly, welcoming and sociable which makes company events and parties a whole ball of fun. I truly think I have made some friends for life in this company and I am very grateful to have been offered a job.


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