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社員紹介:インターナショナルチーム Andres


check Please tell us about your background. / これまでの経緯を教えて下さい

I’m from Oregon in the US, which is simultaneously the most beautiful and cloudiest state. With a bit less cloud cover and rain, you could actually see the beauty occasionally. I came to Japan about ten years ago in search of high quality tuna to snack on.

I’ve worked as a freelance marketer, selling SEO and Facebook ads to clients in the US and Canada, after which I worked for a game and 3D modeling middleware tech startup marketing emerging tech using guerilla and direct methods, as well as more traditional marketing efforts such as content and email marketing, and some ads as well.




check What is your current job doing at Info Cubic Japan? / インフォキュービック・ジャパンでの業務を教えて下さい

I work in the International Division, and generally handle either English communications with our international clients, or English ad copy and ad account operation for Japanese clients.



check What are some challenges at work? / 難しさを感じることはありますか?

In general, managing complicated campaign structures that were set up using different protocols by someone other than myself can take some getting used to. Everyone sets up their campaigns, ad groups, and ads a little differently, especially long-running accounts. If accounts aren’t set up clearly from the beginning, they can end up a tangled web which can be hard to navigate.



check What is the most rewarding part of your work? / やりがいを感じることはどんなところですか?

Naturally, providing performance which exceeds all expectations to clients is extremely rewarding. I like being able to clearly explain what we’re doing, how we’re doing it, and why we’re doing it while pointing to the results along the way.



check What do you think is the strength of Info Cubic Japan? / インフォキュービック・ジャパンの魅力を教えて下さい

Info Cubic Japan has a lot of flexibility, both across many languages, as well as media. I think for Japanese companies looking abroad, or for foreign companies looking to advertise in Japan, Info Cubic Japan is the obvious choice.



check Please tell us about your experiences at Info Cubic Japan that impressed you. / インフォキュービック・ジャパンでの印象的な出来事を教えてください

There are a lot of people with such a wide variety of skills here that manage to work together to produce comprehensive results. I think marketing companies bring together really technical people as well as artistic types, so sometimes bridging that gap can be tricky, but we do it quite well, and that impressed me.



check What are you interested in outside of work? / 趣味や休暇について教えて下さい

I like urban exploration, hiking and camping, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and kickboxing, and cooking and eating gourmet food.



check What is your favorite food? / 好きな食べ物は何ですか?

Beef rendang and Massaman curry.


check Please tell us about your most memorable place you have visited so far. / 今まで訪れた場所で一番印象に残っているところを教えてください

It’s probably a toss up between Kashmir in Northern India and Uyuni Enko in Bolivia.


check What do you want to try in the future? / 将来の夢を教えてください

I’d like to visit Bhutan and try living in a van around Japan. At some point I’d like to learn to sail as well. In terms of big goals, I would love to create an inner-city afterschool program in the style of an internship inside a marketing agency to teach marketing and internet-based business skills to underprivileged kids back in the US. The internet is the great equalizer, and I would love to show more people how they can develop skills to make a successful career for themselves without going tens of thousands of dollars in debt or resorting to crime.






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